Panel Track Blinds For Austin Homes

Panel track blinds are a Austin glass door or large window’s best friend. Perfect for patio doors, French doors, and beyond – panel track blinds offer privacy, looks, and usability. Pick from a variety of fabrics, woven textures, sizes, colors, hardware and much more with panel tracks – some of the most versatile window treatments in Austin.

Austin panel track blinds

What are Panel Track Blinds?

Panel track blinds (or just panel tracks) are a trendy alternative to classic vertical blinds in Austin. Suspended from a rail, their lush fabric panels move without tangling around each other. The panels are much larger than normal vertical blinds, giving you more privacy as well as a more modern style to your window.

Austin sliding door panel track blinds 

Panel tracks are also much easier to maintain than vertical blinds, since they have fewer moving partsand no risk of broken slats. The panels smoothly glide to stack onto each other when you open them, and effortlessly track back into place to shut.

Benefits of Sliding Panel Tracks

Austin living room wide vertical blinds 

Contemporary, stylish, trendy – panel tracks are among the most fashion-forward window coverings. But that’s just one of their many benefits:

  • Ease of Use: Panel tracks have all the upside of traditional blinds, sans the hassle of turning them around to close them, swaying slats, or confusing cords.

  • Privacy: Panel tracks always lay parallel to the window, meaning no odd angles letting light in between the panels.

  • Light Control & Energy Efficiency: The large, bold panels give you control over the lighting of your space, and they can block heat from the windows.

Where Can You Use Panel Tracks

Austin hanging panels

Panel tracks are at their best in certain places in Austin homes. See if they make sense in any of these spots.

Sliding Patio Door Panel Tracks

Panel tracks are the perfect accent to sliding patio doors. They slide in the same direction as your door and offer the protection and privacy you want in a patio door. They’re a lot easier to use than traditional vertical blinds, which can jumble around when you’re trying to use them.

Panel Tracks for French Doors

Like with sliding glass doors, panel tracks are beautiful accents to French doors. Slide the panels to the side to get instant access to your door, or draw them back to darken your space. Panel tracks work best on French doors with one stationary door, since they let you save space by sliding the panels to the side.

Panel Tracks on High Windows

Panel tracks aren’t only for doors–they’re fantastic for the taller windows in your home. Sliding panel tracks let in the amount of light you want without hiding up even an inch of your big beautiful windows.

Try Panel Track Blinds in Your Austin Home

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