Austin Sliding Barn Doors

Sunburst Shutters Austin offers one of the largest lines of stunning and stylish sliding barn doors in Austin. These barn doors add form and function to doors and windows alike. You can explore our traditional barn door line or our modern barn door shutter line.

Our barn door line comprises a selection of styles and colors, with a range of hardware options. Whether you’re looking for a barn door for better use of space, or you want a stylish accent, Sunburst has you covered.

Best of all, our team will install it for you! Get started building your perfect Austin barn door. 



Choose Your Door

Sunburst offers an extensive variety of barn door styles. From natural repurposed woods, to polished metals, textured panels, and more – there’s a barn door for any style of home in Austin.

Find the right door for you below.

Weathered Panel Austin barn doorAspen Austin barn doorIndustrial Panel Austin barn doorReclaimed Horizontal Austin barn doorMetal Panel Austin barn doorReclaimed Vertical Austin barn doorCraftsman 3 Panel Austin barn doorCraftsman Horizontal Panel Austin barn door3 Panel Austin barn door5 Panel Austin barn doorArtisan 2 Panel Austin barn doorArtisan Brace Austin barn doorClassic Austin barn doorClassic 2 Panel Austin barn doorClassic 6 Panel Austin barn doorContemporary Austin barn doorX Barn Door Austin barn doorZ Barn Door Austin barn doorModern Z Barn Door Austin barn door1 Panel Chalkboard Austin barn doorHorizontal Panel Austin barn door5 Panel Glass Austin barn doorMid Century Panel Austin barn doorMid Century 3 Panel Austin barn doorMid Century 5 Panel Austin barn doorModern Acrylic Panel Austin barn doorCraftsman Glass Panel Austin barn doorModern Mirror Austin barn doorModern 5 Panel Austin barn door

Choose Your Hardware

The style of handle and rail is just as vital as the style of your Austin sliding barn door. Sunburst offers rail styles that include bronze, raw metal, and stainless steel, and hangers that range from minimalistic to bold and beautiful.

Pick your favorite from the gallery below.

Weathered Panel Austin barn door hardwareAspen Austin barn door hardwareIndustrial Panel Austin barn door hardwareReclaimed Horizontal Austin barn door hardwareReclaimed Vertical Austin barn door hardwareCraftsman 3 Panel Austin barn door hardwareCraftsman Horizontal Panel Austin barn door hardware3 Panel Austin barn door hardware5 Panel Austin barn door hardwareArtisan 2 Panel Austin barn door hardwareArtisan Brace Austin barn door hardwareClassic Austin barn door hardwareClassic 2 Panel Austin barn door hardwareClassic 6 Panel Austin barn door hardwareContemporary Austin barn door hardwareX Barn Door Austin barn door hardwareZ Barn Door Austin barn door hardwareModern Z Barn Door Austin barn door hardware2 Panel Chalkboard Austin barn door hardware

Barn Door Handles 


Options for Austin Barn Doors 

We offer 8 designer paint colors and 8 stains. These colors were hand-picked as the most chic and popular shades for barn doors by a team of interior designers, and we also offer some doors in custom colors. Most doors are also available in both a weathered and antique finish.


Paint Colors

Make your barn door pop with any of these paints. 

Austin white barn door paint



Stain your sliding barn door to draw on the innate warmth of the wood. 


Track Colors

Pick a track color that matches the look of the sliding barn door. 

*Colors may not exactly match the colors on your screen. Check with your local store to find out more.

Why Choose a Sliding Barn Door?

Modern barn doors are more than just for show. They’re an evolution in window treatments and home fashion. Our barn door panels are hand-crafted with superior quality, offered in a variety of styles and colors with numerous hardware options, and are made here in the USA. You’re sure to love the workmanship and durability, not to mention their stunning looks! These are just a few of the reasons why Austin homeowners love interior barn doors:

  • Able to go on windows or doors.

  • Make use of space more efficiently than other door options.

  • Give you complete control over light and privacy.

  • Feature thousands of combinations between doors, hardware, colors, and more!

  • Original owners receive a limited warranty that covers any material defects for one year.

Sliding Barn Door Shutters Bring Classic Looks To Your Windows

Sliding barn doors aren't limited to just Austin doorframes. Sliding barn door shutters will let you have that same charming style as sliding barn doors on your windows. Not only are they attention-grabbing, but they're also one of the simplest operating window treatments, and offer some of the best privacy and temperature control on the market.

Austin bedroom barn door shutters 

The exciting element of sliding barn door shutters is matching them to your existing sliding barn door. They’re fashioned from the identical premium solid wood as the barn doors we offer. Now you can customize your shutters with the identical options.


Austin Sliding Barn Door Installation

Your sliding barn door installation starts during your free in-home consultation. A Sunburst shutter pro starts by measuring the length and width of your doorway and also the space above and to the side of it. This tells us where to best place the sliding barn door tracks. We present you with a barn door sample and discuss all the available sliding barn door hardware, styles, wheels, stains, and paints. Then, we go back to our store, and fashion your personalized sliding barn doors.

Our experts set up the sliding barn doors and their tracks on your wall. And, they double check that they glide smoothly. No inconvenience for you. Simply beautiful sliding barn doors.

Schedule Your Free In-Home Design Consultation Today

Our professionals are excited to answer your questions about designing and setting up sliding barn doors. Schedule a free in-home consultation today by calling 512-549-6077 or filling out the form below!