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4 Home Office Window Treatment Ideas In Austin

May 04, 2016

When your home office has the right environment, you feel energized, yet relaxed, and can focus on your work. Maybe you already own a wonderful desk and other furniture, but have you thought about your windows?

Here are four window treatments for your home office in Austin that will create the best atmosphere for your office so you can increase your productivity.

Plantation Shutters

Home Office Plantation Shutters In Austin
photo courtesy of Jane Cunningham with Room Resolutions
If you’re looking for a home office window treatment in Austin that reduces distractions, looks amazing with any décor, and is durable, then think about getting plantation shutters.

Our Polywood® plantation shutters let you stay focused on your work by reducing outside distractions. They reduce outside noises and let you easily control the light. You simply tilt the louvers to change from open shutters that let light stream in to closed shutters that give you privacy and reduce glare on your monitor.

Home offices are often colder or hotter than the rest of your home, which makes them less cozy to be in. Polywood shutters moderate the temperature by reducing the heat transfer through your windows. They insulate up to 70% more efficiently than wood shutters.

Plantation shutters don’t just reduce distractions and regulate the room’s temperature. They give you a home office you want to spend time in. Plantation shutters have distinct lines that frame your windows, which ties together every piece in the room. And these shutters can be installed on every window shape - even triangular and octagonal windows. We have a variety of styles including our faux wood Polywood shutters, our wooden Ovation® shutters, and reclaimed wood plantation shutters .

Not only are our shutters beautiful. They’re also durable. Polywood shutters will last over 5 decades. So no matter how often you change your furniture, accessories or flooring, there’s no need to redo your window treatment. Now, you can spend more time working and not decorating your windows.

Barn Door Shutters

Would you like a truly unique look for your home office? Sliding barn door shutters add that special touch to your office. Now you’ll want to work in your home office every chance you get. You can even pair them with our sliding doors for a flawless look. We carry a wide selection of paints, stains, styles, and hardware so that you can customize your barn door shutters to your home.

Slide open your barn door shutters when you want an outdoor view. Slide your shutters closed when you desire more privacy or less light.

Whether they’re opened or closed, barn door shutters are a stunning piece of art that will become the focal point of your office.


When you would like a softer look in your office, shades are an excellent choice. Turn your office into a haven to retreat to by customizing your shades. Pick from styles such as Roman shades, cellular shades, woven woods, roller shades, and more. Then decide on patterns, colors, and finial details.

Rooms with hard surfaces such as large windows or wooden floors reflect a lot of sound. Fabric shades help you dampen the sounds in these rooms. This comes in handy when you have conference calls in your home office. If you need to block light, simply add privacy or room darkening liners to your shades.


Blinds may appear to be a great home office window treatment option for budget-conscious homeowners in Austin. While blinds give you control over the light in your office, they won’t be as solid as plantation shutters. You end up replacing blinds if they get damaged. They also don’t dampen outside noise or save on heating and cooling costs. They’re not as cost effective in the long run.

Blinds aren’t limited to the flimsy white plastic blinds that can break and yellow over time. We offer blinds such as metal, vertical, faux wood and hardwood blinds to give your home office the atmosphere it needs. You can even select upgrades like cordless lift systems and motorization.

Find Your Home Office Window Treatments Today

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