5 Reasons Why You Should Cover Your Stairwell Windows With Shutters

Tyler Jorgensen

Do you have large stairwell windows that are bare because you’re not sure what to do with them? Are you looking for a window treatment that controls light and provides privacy? Shutters that cover your stairwell windows in Austin not only increases your windows’ charm, but offers additional benefits, also. Here are 5 reasons to cover your stairwell windows with shutters.

Shutters Have Interior And Exterior Design Appeal

Exterior facade of brick home with plantation shutters 

Covering your stairwell windows with shutters not only improves your interior space, but it also provides curb appeal. People seeing your home from the outside find themselves looking at your stairwell windows since they’re taller than other windows and often are in unique shapes. The louvers’ horizontal lines show through the windows and give your house a classy look.

There are many plantation shutters to choose from to go with your style and décor. Polywood® faux wood shutters are a traditional choice and blend well with any fashion. Ovation® wooden shutters bring the richness of wood into your home. Reclaimed wood shutters bring nature inside and add texture with their knots and grooves.

Shutters Let You Adjust Light And Add Privacy

Ovation plantation shutters in tan staircase.

Shutters let you control the light that comes through your stairwell windows and also provide privacy. If you have stairwell windows that are low and accessible by a landing, simply adjust the shutter louvers by tilting them open or closed, depending on how light you want it to be. If your windows are high and tricky to access, you can have the louvers set in a horizontal position that allows light to come through and also provides some privacy for household members walking along the upper levels.

Shutters Can Improve Your Energy Efficiency

White plantation shutters in brightly lit stairwell. 

Stairwell windows that are large are elegant, but don’t forget that they are prone to heat loss. Plantation shutters provide extra insulation and, when shut, lower energy transfer through windows by up to 45%. In comparison to regular aluminum blinds, Polywood shutters are 1600% more energy efficient.

Shutters Can Be Built To Fit Any Type Of Window

White plantation shutters adorning rounded window located in spiral stairwell. 

Is your stairwell window circular, arched, sunray, or octagonal? Polywood and Ovation shutters can be built to fit any window seamlessly. You even have different choices within certain window styles, such as with round windows where the louvers can either be fit horizontally or in a fan or sunburst pattern to either accentuate or contrast the window shape. That way, you’re able to maintain the visual of a uniquely-shaped window without it being hidden by a standard rectangular shaped window treatment like blinds.

Shutters Are Low Maintenance

If your stairwell window is only accessible by a ladder, then you need a window treatment that is low maintenance and will look stunning for a lifetime. Polywood shutters won’t fade or yellow over time due to their UV-resistant paint. They’re incredibly resilient and will last decades if they’re well cared for.

Shutters are also a breeze to keep clean. And if your shutter louvers remain in a set position, you won’t have to continuously adjust them for light or privacy.

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