Easy To Clean Window Treatments In Austin

Tyler Jorgensen

Every window treatment shines brighter and lasts longer when kept tidy. But if you're like the majority of homeowners, you don't have spare time for regular care. You need easy to clean window treatments in Austin that don't demand a lot time or effort when the dust settles. 

Fabric curtains and drapes hold onto every piece of dust and need to be taken down and laundered. Blinds are a bit easier, but they are breakable and have a plethora of tricky edges. But, if you want the easiest to clean window treatments, consider faux wood interior shutters.

Fabric Shades in a living room.

Curtains, Shades, and Blinds Can Be Hard To Clean

If you require window treatments that are a breeze to maintain, then veer away from curtains, shades, and blinds. Curtains composed of soft material can collect dust and dirt in their folds. You can do routine upkeep with a duster or hand vac, but in the end, they will probably need to be disassembled and taken to a dry cleaner for a deep clean. Some window shades use fabric panels, which may be a struggle to deep clean.

Blinds tend to be tough to clean as you need to dust each slat and get around the cords. Aluminum blinds have a tendency to snap during a cleaning. Hardwood or faux wood blinds can be easier to clean, but can still be time-consuming. It would help if you also had a gentle hand while cleaning blinds, as they can accidentally come loose.


Polywood® Shutters Are Made for Easy Cleaning

Polywood shutters employ a recyclable solid wood material that's designed to be extremely resilient. Since they can resist cracks, chips, and warping, you know they can withstand some dirt, too. Easily clean Polywood shutters by casually dusting or wiping off with a damp rag. The shutter is a no-hassle window treatment, no matter whether you go with the smooth or wood grain finish.

Plantation shades in a dining room.

Polywood Shutters Have An Easy To Clean Construction

Another element that makes Polywood interior shutters so simple to clean is their design. You probably think that dusting between the louvers of interior shutters would be as difficult as cleaning vinyl blinds. However, these interior shutters were crafted with your convenience in mind.

Just as they are designed for tight closure, interior shutters are also easy to open to reach all the little crevices with your duster. In fact, Polywood shutters have three sizes of louvers, and many homeowners choose the largest option for easier cleaning.

Plantation shutters in a bedroom.

Polywood Durability Equals Cleanliness

Window treatments don't look dirty because of dust build-up. Sometimes aging window treatments deteriorate and look dilapidated despite how frequently you clean them. They can become cracked, and the finish will start to peel. Flakes of paint or finish can accumulate on your window sill or floor.

Occasionally, window treatments will lose their luster and become discolored over time, giving the appearance of hard-to-remove stains. No amount of elbow grease can resolve these problems. The solution is durable, long-lasting window treatments like Polywood shutters that won’t chip or turn yellow. Polywood even comes with a lifetime warranty

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