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Tips For Choosing Child-Safe Window Treatments In Austin

October 24, 2016

Although great at managing sunlight, window coverings may bring a few hidden risks to children in your Austin home. For example, cords can lead to entanglement or choking. In addition, young ones may become injured by yanking down window treatments, and some types might also be constructed with dangerous materials.

Do your part to keep your family protected by purchasing safety window treatments in Austin such as interior shutters and non-corded window shades and blinds that don’t carry the same risks that lower grade window treatments do.

Only Install Cordless Options Around Young Kids

A little boy peaking through white polywood shutters 

Regrettably, window treatment cords have caused injury and death in babies and toddlers. While numerous homeowners choose to push the cords into the highest part of their window coverings, your loved ones are safer if you don’t have strings at all. Louvered shutters are always free of cords. They feature hinged panels that swing open and closed within a frame. The panels also utilize an assembly of adjustable louvers that you can turn open or closed. Interior shutters are without unsecure, dangling components for kids to get tangled up in and are smart for your little ones’ bedrooms and playrooms.

You could also choose cord-free blinds or shades. Attractive wood and faux wood blinds have an option for cordless operation where you use the the bottom of the blind to raise and lower them. And the majority of custom window shades come with cordless possibilities that replace cords.

Select Sturdy Window Treatments If You Have Curious Tots

 Kid's bedroom with white Polywood shutters

Sometimes, a drooping window shade or curtain presents too much temptation for a playful tot to resist pulling on. The product may tear, break away from the wall, or fall on the child. And lightweight aluminum blinds will become misshapen or snap if kids are too aggressive.

Interior shutters are the top child-safe window treatments in Austin. They are permanent fixtures that affix to the frame or wall next to your window and can’t be yanked down. Their solid hardwood or faux wood will never tear and doesn’t blemish from everyday usage. You will love how effortless shutters are to keep clean too. Simply go over them with a duster or slightly damp cloth to take care of grime and those small fingerprints!

Since plantation shutters are so robust, they may also lessen the probability of kids toppling out of windows. If you crack a window for some outside air, blinds and other fabric coverings won’t keep them from climbing or falling out the window. Solid shutters, on the contrary, will stop a tiny body that runs into them. You are able to shut the panels to stop children from getting out of the window and turn the louvers to welcome in a bit of fresh air.

Steer Clear Of Products Made With Toxic Materials

White polywood shutters in a little girl's bedroom 

You know you should keep dangerous cleaners where they can’t be reached by little ones, but a range of household furnishings might have hazardous materials that you were unaware of. Fabric window products often contain toxic and/or fire preventing chemicals and window blinds might have finishes that release harmful gasses.

To keep these dangerous substances out of your Austin house, choose window treatments constructed with real, unprocessed materials and non-toxic finishes. Premium natural wood Ovation® shutters and Polywood® shutters, for example, both have completely safe coatings that do not give off fumes.

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