Measuring For Shutters in Austin

Tyler Jorgensen

Interior shutters in Austin are often priced by the square foot, so if you’re looking for a rough measurement for a price estimate, simply measure your window height and width, to the nearest ⅛ of an inch.

Austin shutter installer window measuring

For Austin residents who are a little more hands-on, Sunburst Shutters Austin will teach you the right way to measure your windows to be fitted for indoor shutters.

How to Measure Square & Rectangular Windows for Shutters

Normal square windows look like the easiest type of window to measure – and that’s because they are, relative to other specialty windows. But there’s still an entire process to follow to find your measurements. Here’s what to do.

Tools Needed:

  • Metal tape measure

  • Pen and paper

Starting off, measure the width (the horizontal distance). Measure across in three different places: close to the middle, near the top, and close to the bottom of the frame. Write down all three, to the nearest ⅛ of an inch. Then, do the same for the height (the bottom-to-top) – measure three times, one in the middle, and one close to either edge of the window like shown in the diagram below.

Austin indoor shutter measurement diagram

The reason you need to measure in three spots each direction is because no window is a geometrically perfect rectangle. And because of the different types of shutter mounts different windows need, you might either need to record the absolute smallest measurement (for an inside mount), or the longest measurement (for an outside mount). Recording measurements in multiple places ensures that you’re covered for every options.

How to Measure Non-rectangular Windows for Shutters

Windows that aren’t rectangular are the windows that can present a challenge to measure. Just like there’s no such thing as a perfectly square window, there’s no perfect octagon, circle, or arched window – which means it’s not as simple as getting a width and height. For the best results, get measurements taken by a professional (which Sunburst Shutters Austin can do for no cost). Other than that, here’s how to measure the most common non-rectangular windows for shutters.

How to Measure Arched and Semicircle Windows for Shutters

Start by measuring the width of the window at the flat side. Only measuring around the window opening, mark down to the closest ⅛ of an inch the width of the arch. For the height, look for the midpoint of the window by dividing the width measurement in two, then measure to the end of the rounded part of the window from that spot. Again, record to the closest ⅛ of an inch.

How to Measure Elongated Arch Windows

Elongated arch windows are kind of a combination of a square window and a circular window, with a wide, flat bottom and straight “legs,” but with rounded top edges and a taller arch. So imagine it like that: an arch and a square mashed together. Measure the width as you would a normal arched window, then measure the height of the legs (the straight vertical parts before the window curves). Last, find the window’s maximum height from the center, subtracting the leg height. Like always, record every measurement to the closest ⅛ of an inch.

How to Measure Circular & Octagonal Windows

Full circle and octagon windows are some of the most difficult to get measurements for, because there can be so many tiny details that can alter the dimensions of the shutters your window may need. It’s usually best to leave these more difficult ones to a professional.

For these windows and other windows you don’t feel comfortable measuring, or just to save yourself some headache, call Sunburst Shutters Austin. We’d be glad to take your window measurements for free during your free window treatment consultation. Just call 512-549-6077 or fill out the contact form below to schedule yours.