Perfect Window Treatments For Southern Homes in Texas

Tyler Jorgensen

In most parts of Texas, we take our home design pretty seriously, like most southern homeowners. And homes in the South have their own considerations when it comes to window coverings.

Austin living room plantation shutters
From staying cool to nailing that Southern charm, here’s what you should know about Southern window treatments.

Window Treatments That Keep Homes in the South From Baking in the Sun

You know how warm the weather can get in Austin throughout the summer. And while temperatures can get up into triple digits outside, your house can trap heat, making your A/C work harder. With the right window treatment, Austin homes can beat the heat and stay comfortable no matter how hot it gets outside. That’s why Sunburst’s top pick for Southern homes is Polywood® plantation shutters.

More than any other kind of shutter in Austin, Polywood helps maintain the temperature in your home. With their patented material and expert design, Polywood shutters create a window seal, blocking up to half of all energy flow. Not only does that keep your home comfortable, but it means your air conditioning won’t have to work nearly as hard to cool your house, saving you money on your energy bills.

Austin sunroom plantation shutters

Some Texas homeowners really go the distance with their window treatments. It’s not uncommon to see homes here double-up on energy efficiency by using multiple window treatments. For example, solar window film can reduce strong sunlight, decreasing heat from the sun as well as glare – and they can be used easily with other window treatments. Drapes are another good pairing for shutters specifically, offering another protective layer against the Texas sun.

Window Treatments That Complement The Southern Style

Without going too deep down the rabbit hole of historic Southern home architecture, a good amount of homes in our neck of the woods have a few common themes: historical ties, space for several guests, and beautiful facades.

There’s no window treatment that matches the Southern style quite like plantation shutters. It’s even in the name – plantation shutters got their name for being so ubiquitous in big plantations and manors across the South so many years ago. As we mentioned, shutters can control temperature more effectively than other window treatments, and they are a natural fit to Southern style. Their clean angles and expert craftsmanship make them great partners for a home with a full porch, balustrades, or exposed woodwork.

Austin southern home exterior

And Polywood shutters are bought in white almost all the time for a reason. White is a perfect accessory color in Southern homes, both reflecting sunlight and giving an air of both comfort and style – ideal for any Austin home.

Beautiful Southern Homes Should Have Beautiful Window Treatments

When it comes to combining style and practicality, shutters are the go-to window treatment for Southern homes. To get a glimpse of how shutters can refresh your home, schedule a free consultation the Sunburst Austin team. Call us at 512-549-6077 or complete out your information below for a free consult meeting with our home design pros.