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Are There Perks Of Motorized Shades In Austin

June 08, 2023

Everything has gone high-tech these days–including window treatments! Now you can remotely control your window treatments when you purchase motorized window shades in Austin. But are these modern window fashions worth it? For many 21st century homeowners, they are. Here are just a few explanations for why motorized shades are growing in popularity and why you might want to get some for your home.

You Can Conveniently Adjust Motorized Shades With The Push Of A Button

Austin dwellers love motorized shades due to their easy operation. You may use a remote control to open and close motorized shades from another side of the room when you don’t want to get up from your comfy seat. You can also control them with a switch on the wall as you walk into the room. Or use an app on your smartphone to operate smart motorized shades from any place if you don’t remember to shut them before leaving the house.

Motorized shades are a great option for people with limited mobility or families with kids who might struggle to use traditional window shades. Everyone finds them hassle-free when they need to move their shades but don’t want to cross the room. You can effortlessly close your motorized shades without leaving your seat when working from home, watching a suspenseful film in your media room, or hosting a dinner party in your dining room. Austin homeowners also appreciate motorized shades on large and tall windows where operating shades become awkward.

Motorized Shades Don’t Use Hazardous Strings

Beige transitional shades on windows in a neutral living room

Many window shades have cords for opening and closing them. Regrettably, these strings are a strangulation risk to small children and pets. Playful kids and animals may also get rough with them, which could break your shades.

If you want to avoid dangerous window shade cords but still want the beauty and versatility that shades provide, buy motorized shades in Austin. They don’t include cords because you control them with remote devices. You can use them in every room of your home with peace of mind knowing they are a safer alternative.

Motorized Shades Are Available In Many Styles

White Roman shades on windows in a farmhouse-style bedroom

Whatever interior design theme you follow, you won’t have an issue finding motorized shades that go with it. Motorized shades are available in most window shade styles, colors, and patterns. So if you want elegant Roman shades for a formal living room or blackout cellular shades, you can still get those looks with motorization. The window treatment pros at Sunburst are always available to show you our wide variety of motorized shades in Austin.

You Can Schedule Motorized Shades To Rise And Lower

Gray sheer shades on windows in the corner of a modern living room

All motorized window shades in Austin are helpful, but smart motorized shades have the extra advantage of being programmable. Like other smart home products, you control them with an app on your smartphone. This app also allows you to program your shades to rise and lower at specific times. You can tell your smart shades to rise when you get up and lower at noon before the afternoon sun heats up your house, cutting your energy expenses. Or program your shades to close at night for privacy. You’ll never have to think about closing the shades before bedtime again!

Sunburst Shutters Austin Has An Incredible Selection Of Motorized Window Shades In Austin

Bring style and convenience to your Austin house with motorized window shades from Sunburst. We have a wide variety of motorized shades in Austin and will help you choose the right ones for your home during a complimentary, in-home consultation. Schedule your appointment today by calling 512-549-6077 or submitting the form below.